Connie C. Edmondson, LCSW

I work with adults who need help with depression, anxiety, recovery from traumatic events, and the issues in their personal and professional relationships. Together, we will discover what motivates you, and helps you to achieve your unique goals.

You may enter counseling because you feel your relationship with yourself or others could be improved. Or, you may enter counseling in order to find relief from more serious conditions such as depression and anxiety, or difficulty recovering from a traumatic event.

Whether you seek relationship coaching or help with mental health conditions, counseling allows you to enter into a trusting relationship with someone who has an unbiased perspective. As a counselor, I give you the respect, insight, and encouragement you need to find your own answers.
Brian T. Edmondson, LCSW

Overwhelmed by sadness or anxiety at times? Negative thoughts about the future weighing you down? Are your relationships a source of frustration and disappointment?

I work with individuals who need help with depression, anxiety, trauma, or trouble in their professional or personal lives. I am a certified Mindfulness and Medical Meditation practitioner. My work with younger clients, ages 18 and up, is centered on a Cognitive Behavioral approach.

With a background in both school guidance counseling and hospital based acute care, I bring a wide range of experience working with diverse clients to my practice. As a proud parent myself, I bring real time knowledge of current trends to my work as well.

Allison Kennedy, LCSW

Don’t let anxiety, depression, anger, or confusion keep you stuck in life. Counseling can help.  I love helping adults and young adults tackle tough changes in relationships, at school, at work, and with family.

As a therapist with fourteen years experience, I can help you see the patterns you’re stuck in. Together we can identify your strengths and use them to unlock your own natural ability to adapt to new challenges.

Everyone hits roadblocks in life. Don’t let your roadblock be the end of the road. It’s time to overcome and thrive!

Elissa Dyer, PhD

Does it ever feel like you just can't get a handle on things? Coping with the "ups and downs" of life, everyday challenges/concerns, stress, anxiety, and moments of feeling blue are all part of our life experiences, but sometimes these might feel like too much. Counseling can help you deal with and manage the things that are getting in the way of you being able to get everything out of life that you want.

My approach to counseling involves two parts: establishing a supportive counselor and client relationship and identifying and working toward goals that address issues like anxiety and depression, enriching relationships, healthy ways of coping, and overall well-being. I use traditional therapy (talk therapy), cognitive-behavioral techniques, and insight-oriented approach.

Edmondson Counseling Services
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Andrea Caplinger,

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to be in the helping profession. I consider it an honor to be on the healing journey with families, children, teens and adults. I think anyone who reaches out for therapy shows a lot of strength, courage and bravery. Life can be really beautiful and difficult. It can bring multiple stressors, unexpected changes, loss and trauma, and for many of us, we need a safe space to make sense of what has happened or is happening. As some experts have wisely said, it isn't what is wrong with you, but what has happened to you. When we have things happen to us, then it is only normal and natural as humans to need support to deal with the lasting impact, and sometimes that support is therapy. 

As a Social Worker with over 20 years experience, I work to create a safe and welcoming space for all to address the needs and goals of each family or individual. I use several different modalities to assist in the helping process, and I am a Certified EMDR Therapist, a Certified Theraplay Therapist and a Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) Practitioner. I can help in areas related to trauma, depression, anxiety, relationship challenges, parenting, attachment disruptions and adoption needs.